If you’re following me on social media, you may have seen that my friends and I are currently training for the Three Peak Challenge that we’ll be tackling on July 9th. (If you haven’t, you can read more about the challenge and the charity we’re raising money for on our JustGiving page!)

We’ve been getting together at weekends to go on walks in the Malverns and the Peak District and get those muscles working, and since I don’t particularly fancy going up and down hills whilst carrying close to 2KG of photography gear on my back (who would anyway?!), I’ve been trying to document our little adventures with some lighter gear.

Afterlight2 has quickly become indispensable when it comes to editing anything taken on my iPhone 6S. The interface is great, the camera settings are advanced enough that I can tinker with exposure without feeling like I’m drowning in a sea of controls, the built-in filters are nice and varied, but mostly, I love that you can develop and save your own presets, as well as use curves and gradients. It’s a very powerful little app, and one that I can no longer go without. Coupled with a GorillaPod and a phone grip, I’ve been able to grab photos of us as a group and, for once, actually be on the photos too!


Going up the Malvern Hills, June 2018

Edited with Afterlight

I’ve also been trying to print more pictures this year, which has renewed my interest in film photography. I’ve always loved using my dad’s camera (the camera that all of my childhood pictures were taken on!) but I’ve never really made the most of it for lack of knowledge about it all. I’ve been doing a lot more reading about analog photography recently though, and I can’t wait to start experimenting with different films (I have to admit I’ve only ever shot Superia X-Tra 400) and learn how to develop film myself!

The Olympus OM-1n is a lot lighter than my Pentax K-3, which makes it the perfect camera to put in my backpack and carry on walks. I’m hoping to be able to document our “Peak Brother” challenge (’cause I’m doing it with the guys from Speak, Brother… get it? ;)) on film, provided that I find some time to take some pictures in-between going up mountains and trying not to die in the process.

The pictures below are from the first roll of film I’ve shot in years — a mix of snaps from our neighbourhood and a walk up the Malvern Hills on a bright Sunday afternoon. Hope you enjoy them!

Teresa’s Garden, 06/06/18 — f/2.8, 1/500

Matt in Binley Woods, sometime last autumn

Sunset in the Coppice — f/4, 1/1000

Binley Woods, autumn 2017

Roses after the rain, f/2.8, 1/500

Malvern Hills, 10/06/18 — f.8, 1/250

Ayse —  f.8, 1/250

Malvern Hills —  f.8, 1/250

Paraglider in the Malverns —  f.8, 1/250

Strangers in the Hills —  f.8, 1/500

Peak Brother Training — f.8, 1/250

Baginton Garden Centre —  f.8, 1/125

Paragliders in the Malverns — f.8, 1/250

James & Ayse — f.5.6, 1/250

Ayse —  f.8, 1/250