transluceo, ere: to shine through


Music photographer based in Coventry and the West Midlands

Bonjour ! I’m Emilie, a French creative portrait and music photographer based in Coventry who likes to hide online behind the name Transluceo.

I work with singer-songwriters and indie bands on their promotional images and album artworks, as well as poster and flyer designs, but mostly photographing them on stage. I think of live photography as both an art and a marketing tool – it isn’t just about documenting performances, but also making concerts look appealing to hopefully attract more people to your gigs – and sell more tickets!

I find inspiration in novels and myths, people and nature, and I’m always on the hunt for authenticity and texture. You can usually find me at venues waving weird prismatic contraptions in front of my camera – come say hello if you ever spot me! 🙂

Mostly, I’m a music lover who firmly believes that everybody has stories to tell, and I aim to show glimpses of those stories through my pictures.

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