Impostor Syndrome, Dreams And All That…

A little disclaimer here: this has absolutely nothing to do with photography. Let’s just say that one habit I’ve picked up during lockdown is journaling, and it’s been helping me gain clarity on a lot of things, and let go of unhealthy patterns that I was holding on to. I think it’s important to be open and to share where you’re at, especially in times like these, and if this resonates with anyone, well… I’d like to think it was worth writing. ☺️

One thing people might not now about me, especially those who mostly know me through photography, is that I’ve dreamt of translating novels since I was 14. More specifically, fantasy novels. Read More

Lockdown Thoughts

My mood has shifted this week. As frustrating as it is, it hasn’t come as a surprise: we’ve been in lockdown for almost a month now and it couldn’t all be sunshine and rainbows forever. It felt easy at first – I’m used to working from home, we don’t have kids to entertain all day or to homeschool, and our pup is pretty low maintenance. Without my job at the coffee shop, I eased into a routine very quickly and, yes — I felt surprisingly motivated. Read More